Core Level Module 22 Pesticide Storage (0.75 credit in NY)



Pesticide Storage

No job is really finished until the pesticides, containers, and your equipment have been put away properly. Get into the habit of storing all of your materials safely before you clean up and go home, or on to the next job. While you are cleaning up and putting away the pesticides, containers, and equipment you should wear all the personal protective equipment you used on the job. Consider wearing gloves and other protective equipment, even if they weren't recommended on the label. Spills and accidental contamination often occur during storage procedures.

Goals of This Chapter:

  • Learn how to choose and arrange a storage are for pesticides
  • Understand the importance of handling, storing, and disposing of pesticides properly
  • Learn what to do in case of a pesticide spill

FACTS ABOUT this Module: This module is approved in New York for 0.75 Core recertification credits. You must be logged in and working in the course activities for a minimum of 45 minutes. The credits are earned after completing the Pre-Test, reading and studying the content of the module, then successfully completing the Post-Test. The last thing is to click on the certificate function. A temporary certificate generated. An official certificate will be mailed to you.

*If you are certified in one of these states: Maryland, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, or West Virginia, you can check the state specific information page to confirm approval and recertification credit value.

*Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, and Connecticut have approved all DLC courses and awards the same credits as New York.

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