Pasture Fly Management on the Dairy (1.25 credits in NY)



Pasture Fly Management on the Dairy

This module will provide practical information on the IPM approach to help producers minimize and manage face flies, horn flies and stable flies, our three most common fly pests affecting dairy cattle on pasture. In addition, horse and deer flies and the beneficial activities of dung beetles will be discussed.

 Although the primary focus of this IPM module is management of face, horn and stable flies affecting dairy cattle, much of the information contained will also have applications for managing these fly pests as they affect beef cattle, horses and other animals grazed on pasture.

 This information was prepared by Keith Waldron. Contact Keith at with questions about this module.


Here's what we hope you learn:

  1.  Understand the importance and potential impact of face, horn and stable flies, common nuisance and biting flies affecting cattle on pasture, on dairy animal health and production
  2. Identify and understand the biology of face, horn and stable flies affecting dairy animals on pasture in NY
  3. Understand the importance of an integrated approach to managing common flies affecting dairy animals on pasture
  4. Identify management options and opportunities to manage house and stable flies and reduce risk of developing pesticide resistance

Successful completion of this module will earn you 1.25 recertification credits for New York State DEC certified pesticide applicators in categories 1b,10,31.

*If you are certified in one of these states: Maryland, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, or West Virginia, you can check the state specific information page to confirm approval and recertification credit value.

*Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, and Connecticut have approved all DLC courses and awards the same credits as New York.

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